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The known health dangers of secondhand exposure to cigarette smoke–into the lungs or heart, for example –raise questions about whether secondhand exposure to marijuana smoke presents similar health dangers. Hemp vs Marijuana. While the use of this term is prevalent through American culture, it poses a grossly inadequate misrepresentation of Cannabis. While there’s hardly any data about the health consequences of breathing secondhand marijuana smoke, there’s concern that it might cause harmful health effects, including among kids.

Type Can it be Cannabis? Most educated individuals and associations from the Cannabis industry refuse to use the term and some consider it to be "racist. " Recent studies have found strong relationships between people who stated there was someone at the house who used marijuana or a caretaker who used marijuana along with the child with detectable levels of THC — the psychoactive component in marijuana. 5,11 Children exposed to the psychoactive compounds in marijuana are potentially at risk for negative health effects, such as developmental problems for infants whose mothers used marijuana while pregnantwomen. 8 Other research demonstrates that marijuana use during adolescence may affect the developing teenage brain and cause problems with focus, motivation, and memory.

12. So How Can You Actually Tell The Difference? In early American history, the term "marijuana" was non-existent and "cannabis" was the main term used to classify the plant. References. Hemp and marijuana can be discerned by taking a look at gummies their chemical makeup, method of developing, organic adaptability and, sometimes, appearance. Between 1910 and 1920, almost a thousand Mexicans migrated into the United States seeking refuge in the Mexican Revolution. Tashkin, DP. (2013) Effects of marijuana smoking on the lung.

Appearance. In this time, anti-Mexican sentiment had begun to steep and the term "marijuana" arose as a negative correlation of its use by Mexican immigrants. Ann Am Thorac Soc. 10(3): p. 239-47.

Marijuana often looks different from hemp. Shortly after, rumors started to surfacewarning Americans of the harmful and homicidal tendencies brought on by using "Mexican cannabis" or "locoweed," which result in an even greater increase in anti-Mexican belief. Moir, D, et al. (2008). When you see their leaves, marijuana’s shape tends to be broad-leafed, a tight marijuana, or resemble a nugget with small crystals or hairs. Since the negative perception of cannabis intensified, the government started regulating cannabis more aggressively. A comparison of mainstream and sidestream marijuana and tobacco cigarette smoke produced beneath 2 machine smoking conditions.

Hemp, on the other hand, has skinnier leaves that are focused at the top. By 1927, 11 countries had passed anti-marijuana legislation and from the 1930s anti-marijuana propaganda and also the fear of "Reefer Madness" was in full swing. Chem Res Toxicol. 21(2): p. 494-502.

Few leaves or branches exist beneath the top region of the plant. Following the passing of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, which imposed heavy, unrealistic taxation on the possession, purchase, and transportation of the plant, the national government had effectively prohibited "marijuana," paving the way for the subsequent 80 years of cannabis prohibition. U.S.

When you see the crops from afar, bud looks like a short fat bush. Dependent on the context used to characterize Hemp and Marijuana, the defining feature between the two is based on a single factor–the amount of THC in the plant–or rather whether it is going to get the user high. Department of Health and Human Services. (2014). Hemp, particularly hemp grown for seed or fiber, is typically skinnier and taller (up to 20 ft). While the intoxicating properties of every plant is an important factor to think about, categorizing Cannabis as either hemp or marijuana based on a single characteristic poses a skewed portrayal of Cannabis which prevents users from completely understanding its diversity. The Health Consequences of Smoking: 50 Years of Progress.

Sometimes, it almost resembles long ditchweed — hemp was really found to grow one of weeds in Nebraska, Kansas and several other states. To give you a comparison, think about that the taxonomic hierarchy of fruits from the citrus species: A Report of the Surgeon General pdf icon [PDF — 36MB] external icon . Generally, when you compare a bud farm together with those of hemp seeds, you’ll see that they’re clearly very different from one another. As portrayed in the chart above: Atlanta, GA: U.S.

Chemical Makeup. Categorizing Cannabis as either Hemp or smoking is akin to substituting all fruits from the citrus genus as either sour or sweet, without recognizing the diverse characteristics of every fruit. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office on Smoking and Health. The main difference between the two would be in their chemical composition, specifically in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In addition, marijuana and hemp can often look indistinguishable from one another. Aldington, S, et al., Effects of cannabis on pulmonary structure, symptoms and function.

THC is the chemical in charge of marijuana’s emotional effects. This has led to a number of issues of law enforcement officers making arrests and seizing hemp that is 100% legal since it looks exactly like "marijuana. "

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